The Great Traits Project investigates the behaviour and beliefs behind phenomenal feats.

We introduce you to individuals who have achieved remarkable feats and illustrate the character traits that drive them. We reveal their attitude to life. We highlight what makes them tick. We expose the traits behind their greatness.

Over recent years the Great Traits Project has interviewed inspirational individuals from the world of business, sport, the military, charity, the arts, science, technology and extreme physical adventurers. These are remarkable people with an array of wonderful stories to tell. They provide insights that can inspire and influence us all.

Throughout the Great Traits Project you will meet these amazing individuals– some are household names, others are unsung heroes, but all have an attitude to life we can learn from. They provide riveting insights into true life stories. They shed new light on the way we think and act.

‘Be not afraid of greatness,’ Shakespeare wrote in Twelfth Night. ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them.’ Throughout the Great Traits Project you will discover individuals who fall into all three categories.


The Great Traits Project is continually interviewing remarkable individuals and researching the traits that drive greatness. We aim to share inspiring stories and meet more remarkable people. Contact us via: yes@greattraitsproject.com

So far we have interviewed individuals from the world of sport, business, military, charity, extreme physical adventurers, the arts, science and technology.

Each interview is conducted with deliberately crafted and consistent questions. This ensures an accurate comparison can be made between the different interviewees.

Each interview is professionally transcribed and then qualitatively analysed using Thematic analysis, a widely used analytical method.


Tobias Harwood is the author of Great Traits and the founder of the Great Traits Project.

Since shattering his pelvis and fracturing his back aged seventeen he has been fascinated by the interaction between mindset and accomplishments.

Tobias was inspired to write Great Traits after his close friend, a wounded soldier, became the first ever amputee to walk to the North Pole. All the author’s proceeds from his book Great Traits are donated to the charity Walking With The Wounded.

Aside from running the Great Traits Project, Tobias is an investor and researcher for a Wall Street financial firm. He has a degree from the University of Bath. Great Traits is his first book.

You can contact Tobias via @GreatTraitsPro on Instagram or Twitter  and via LinkedIn

Since Great Traits become a Top 10 Bestseller Tobias has given talks and speeches for large scale corporations, start ups, universities, schools, charities and other organisations. If you would like to understand the Great Traits that make successful people tick please email yes@greattraitsproject.com Tobias also shares insights on how to write, how to set-up your own publishing imprint and how to hit the bestseller list without using a professional publisher.



The Great Traits Project logo is a golden key encased in laurel wreaths, with a blue background.

The laurel wreath signifies a crowning success, a victory or a remarkable accomplishment.

The golden key is a visual representation of the five key character traits that unlock great achievements.

The Great Traits Project colour scheme is a high blue and golden yellow. The high blue represents the perspective of, ‘the sky’s the limit,’ while the golden yellow signifies the invaluable traits revealed in our book Great Traits which you can find here

Great Traits Project is a registered trade mark.