On this month’s podcast we have something a little different, we have a scientist who specializes in the psychology of extreme and isolated environments.

The man in question is Dr. Nathan Smith, he has degree in Sport & Exercise Science and he has a PhD in Sport & Exercise Psychology and he is a Lecturer in Sport Psychology at the University of Northampton.

His research focuses on:
• The Psychology of extreme and isolated environments (such as astronauts, explorers, deep sea divers and high altitude mountaineers)
• He also looks at motivation in sports
• Role of physical activity in the promotion psychological health

For this podcast we talk about the psychological attributes you need to survive and thrive in extreme environments. We talk about the kind of character traits that drive people to seek out extreme environments. We also look at how to manage anxiety, how to build resilience. We discuss the role of self belief, strategies to cope with pain, goal setting and gratitude.

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