On this month’s podcast we meet Eliza Rebeiro, founder of the charity Lives Not Knives (@LNKCharity). The charity aims to prevent young people from carrying knives and becoming involved in gang culture. Eliza established Lives Not Knives at the age of just fourteen after witnessing a series of tragic stabbings in her local community in Croydon.

Lives Not Knives began as a local community group selling t-shirts branded with the bold slogan LIVES NOT KNIVES to raise awareness. The t-shirts resonated with the local community and proved popular with friends so Eliza expanded production to a much larger scale.

With the profits from t-shirt sales she then invested the proceeds in hosting a party to celebrate young people having fun without violence. The event was a huge success, hundreds of people attended and signed a petition to support making the streets safer and Lives Not Knives was officially formed.

From its initial inception Lives Not Knives has evolved from a community group, to a campaign and is now a fully fledged charity helping to prevent knife crime and mentor young adults who are not in education or employment.

Everything that Eliza has accomplished so far shows a level of maturity and equanimity that belies her youth. From the depths of a profoundly tragic and negative situation Eliza has generated the most positive and constructive movement and has devoted herself to helping others. At the age of just twenty-four Eliza has already devoted nearly half her life to Lives Not Knives. She is an inspiration for young people and adults alike.

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