George Bullard (@georgebullardexplorer) is an explorer and world record holder. In 2008, at the age of just 19, George embarked on an expedition with Alex Hibbert to break the world record for the longest unsupported journey in a Polar region. After 113 days, hauling 200 kilos of equipment George and Alex covered 1,374miles to set a new world record. Their journey took them from the south-east corner of Greenland to the north-west coast of Greenland and back again.

George has been pushing himself beyond the limits of human endurance for over a decade. His challenges have included swimming the English Channel, as well as cycling 2,500 miles from London to Greece.

In 2016, George and his expedition partner Oly Hicks completed a world first by kayaking from Greenland to Scotland, which was a journey of 1,200 miles. They spent between 17-20 and hours a day paddling and had to sleep in their double kayak to complete the journey.

In this podcast we talk about George’s numerous adventures, his mindset, his motivation, the setbacks and the challenges he faced. We also talk about his expedition challenge company

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