Levison Wood is an explorer, best selling author and photographer. He spent a number of years as an Officer in the British Parachute Regiment, and served in Afghanistan.

After leaving the Army to pursue a full time career as a writer and explorer, in 2014 he completed a nine-month expedition walking the full length of the river Nile. It was a journey of 4,250 miles which took seven million steps to complete.

In 2015, he walked the length of the Himalayas from Afghanistan to Bhutan, a journey of 1,700 miles which took four million steps to complete.

Both expeditions were documented in a Channel 4 series and an accompanying book. It is worth pointing out, in this podcast we do not go through the nitty gritty of each expedition but we focus on Lev’s career, his mindset and what makes him tick. If you want to know more about his specific expeditions we recommend looking at the book and Channel 4 series.

Note, this podcast was recorded before Lev took on his expedition to walk across the Americas.

levison wood portrait

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